Olly Murs’ Personal Trainer Shares An Impressive Before And After Photo Of The Star


A couple of months ago Olly Murs revealed that his then-girlfriend, Francesca Thomas, preferred him when he had a little more meat on his bones.

The X Factor host explained at the time: “The missus doesn’t like six-packs, so she’s not a big fan. She misses the comfort belly, something to snuggle up to!”

[Copyright: Olly Murs: On The Road]

However, we were left less-than-convinced by his claims, unable to remember a time where Ols had anything that could even resemble a “comfort belly”, let alone something for her to actually snuggle up to.

Which is probably why we were so shocked when Olly’s personal trainer, Rob Solly, shared a before and after picture of the star from his new book ‘On The Road’- showing off a seriously impressive weight loss.

We mean, the 31-year-old is looking pretty ruddy ripped.

Rob revealed exactly how Olly lost the weight in the black and white snap’s caption, which read: “This is what happened to @ollymurs when we had 12 weeks training to get tour ready]]>😉