Olly Murs says his estranged twin has changed his number

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Olly Murs has said he thinks his estranged twin must have changed his phone number because a birthday text has been ignored.

The pop star and his brother fell out 10 years ago when Olly’s X Factor commitments clashed with twin Ben’s wedding, and he was unable to attend the celebration.

Olly and Ben haven’t spoken since, and the singer told Lorraine that he even thought Ben had changed his number as he had unsuccessfully tried to text him on their birthday in May.

Asked whether they’d ever speak again, Olly said: “I hope so. It’s mad because every year I think, it’s nine years, 10 years I’ve been in the industry, that’s still a long time I’ve not spoken to him.

“I did text him this year for his birthday, but I think he’s changed his number. We’ll talk again, we’ll figure it out. Life’s too short.

“Christmas is never the same, not having everyone there.”

Olly also discussed his other personal dilemma – being single.

He said: “Even if I gave you an instruction manual, I don’t think anyone would really get me, I’m a nightmare.

“There’s someone out there for everyone, I’m taking my time. I don’t want to just accept ok, I want to wait for something special.

“My love life’s everywhere in the papers all the time. I’m really happy on my own. I’ve learned to love myself and you have to do that before you can love someone else.”

The singer is set to return as a judge on The Voice UK in the New Year and said it was an amazing chance to bag a career like his for the lucky winner.

He said: “It’s an amazing platform, as it was for me when I started. You’ve got to use that platform to the best of your ability and take it. That’s what I did.”

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