Olly Murs' twin resorts to drastic measures to distance himself from famous brother

Olly Murs’ time on The X Factor was probably bittersweet for the star.

On the one hand, it launched his super successful singing career and catapulted him well and truly into the public eye, on the other, it sparked a feud between himself and his twin brother, Ben, with Olly being unable to attend Ben’s wedding as it was on the same day as The X Factor semi-final… And Ben dubbing his bro “a self-obsessed sell-out” as a result.

Olly has had a successful music career.

Now, almost eight years later, it has been revealed that Ben has resorted to drastic measures to distance himself from his brother, scrapping the famous surname that links him to Olly and the rest of his family.

According to The Mirror, Ben has apparently decided to adopt his wife’s surname, Hart, to officially cut all ties with the Murs clan.

Olly and Ben’s mum, Vicky-Lynn, previously revealed just how difficult her children’s feud is for her, and even admitted that she thinks it would have happened even if Olly hadn’t appeared on The X Factor.

Olly no longer sees his twin, Ben.

She shared: “The difficulties we’ve had with Ben are complex, but it had nothing to do with ‘X Factor’. Deep down, I think Ben knows that.

“I never expected anything like this to happen to us because we’re such a tight-knit family.

“It was such a shock it made me ill. I even thought I had MS – I had to use a walking stick because my legs were so weak. I also couldn’t work. I was on the verge of a breakdown.”


Olly is very close to his mum.

Meanwhile, Olly revealed that he’d happily welcome Ben back into his life, sharing: “We don’t speak to my twin brother and that’s been extremely difficult. Long before ‘X Factor’, there were problems between Ben and his girlfriend and our family.

“He made the decision not to speak to the family … but the door’s always open for him to come back.”