OMG! Lady Gaga Has Shaved Off Her Hair

OMG! Lady Gaga Has Shaved Off Her Hair

First it was Miley Cyrus who swapped her once flowing locks for an edgy, punky blonde crop to rapturous applause (and as it happened a fair old dose of criticism), on Twitter.  Then last week we spotted that beauty chameleon Rihanna had only gone and chopped off nearly all of her tresses to showcase a gamine sexy crop ahead of her performance at that night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Not one to ever be outdone in the beauty or fashion stakes, Lady Gaga has now gone one erm, hair-raising step further, tweeting a rear-view picture of herself with her tresses pulled up into an uber-high bun, revealing a partially shaved head. Yes really! The Poker Face singer appears to have shaved the underneath of her hair and is now sporting a rather unorthodox undercut.

OMG! Lady Gaga Has Shaved Off Her Hair

Luckily for us Gaga then tweeted a second picture captioned: "But we still have glamour in the front", revealing that she hadn’t gone the whole hog and had thankfully spared the front of her hair the fate of the salon clippers. If all that wasn’t strange enough, the pop star has announced that she is dedicating her new ‘do to the late mother of her close friend, photographer Terry Richardson.

We can’t help but think this a little strange – if very worthy.  But hey, what else would we expect from the star who once paraded a meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards?

Do you love it or loathe it?

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