Ominous supercell storm captured over Texas in mesmerizing time-lapse

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Mesmerising time-lapse footage has been captured of an ominous supercell storm cloud.

Meteorology student Isaac Schluesche captured the images while storm chasing near the town of Earth, Texas.

Isaac, of Madison, Wisconsin, said: “The storm coincided with the sunset perfectly. The colours seen in the timelapse are just like what we saw with our eyes.

“Usually every spring I head out to the central United States to storm chase for a week or two.

“As such, my group and I were in the Texas panhandle, hoping to see something just like that one day.

“This video was filmed using a Canon 6D and EF 24-70 2.8L lens. It’s exactly something I’d been hoping to capture!”

A supercell, sometimes referred to as a “rotating thunderstorm”, is characterised by a heavy, constantly-rotating current of rising air.

Although the least common type of thunderstorm, they can often be the most severe.

Their large scale and isolation from other thunderstorms make supercells a sublime and sinister sight.

The video was shot on May 16, 2021.

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