On October 1, The Law On Smoking And E-Cigarettes Is Changing

A woman exhales vapour from an e-cigarette
A woman exhales vapour from an e-cigarette

The law on e-cigarettes and smoking in cars is going to change on October 1 - making it illegal to smoke in cars if there is someone under 18 present.

From that date, it will be illegal for retailers to sell e-cigarette devices to under-18s for the first time - and the same goes for e-liquid cartridges.

In cars, drivers will face a fixed penalty of £50 if they permit someone to smoke in the car if there is someone 18 present.

Confusingly, drivers aged 17 will be able to smoke on their own in the car – although not to allow other people aged 18 to smoke.

Enforcement officers will decide whether to issue a fixed penalty, or if the offence should be referred to court.

The Department of Heath says: ‘Every time a child breathes in secondhand smoke, they breathe in thousands of chemicals. This puts them at risk of serious conditions, such as meningitis, cancer and respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia. It can also make asthma worse.'