On This Day: Barman sets world record spending TWO months 'buried alive'

On finishing, the coffin was driven on a lorry to a pub in Kilburn where he had a pint of stout

On This Day: Barman sets world record spending TWO months 'buried alive'

June 22, 1968: Barman Mike Meaney spent two months being 'buried alive' on this day in 1968.

The 33-year-old set a world record after spending 61 days in a coffin beneath the streets of Kilburn, north-west London.

In a British Pathé newsreel, his casket was filmed being raised as Mr Meaney proves he is alive by waving a hand through a hole in the lid that had served as an air vent.

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A huge crowd in the predominantly Irish district then cheered him as he remain in his coffin – while puffing a cigarette - and was driven atop a lorry to the Admiral Nelson pub.

There, the lid was finally removed and bearded Mr Meaney – who wore sunglasses to protect his eyes – was able to enjoy his first pint of stout in almost nine weeks.

Mr Meaney, who was given food and water through a pipe for the duration of the stunt, lived to see his 61-day feat topped several times.

Notably, Emma Smith of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire spent 100 days beneath ground later that year.

Her son spent 147 days buried 6ft below the beer garden of their local pub in 1999.

The same year magician David Blaine spent a week sealed in a plastic box and drinking only three tablespoons of water a day.

However, since 1991 the Guinness Book of World Records has refused to note burial attempts because it does not want to promote potentially lethal stunts.

Last year Sri Lankan man Janaka Basnayake, 22, died after 30 hours buried without a coffin in a 10ft trench that friends sealed with wood a soil.

Harry Houdini, who remains probably the most famous escape artist, nearly died when he also tried to bury himself alive without a casket in California in 1915.

Minutes after he was covered with earth in a 6ft-deep pit, he tried to dig his way to the surface and fell unconscious as he finally broke the surface.