One Arrested After Chaos Erupts During LA City Council Meeting on Homeless Encampments

Chaos erupted at a Los Angeles City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 9, during a discussion on a proposal to ban homeless encampments next to schools and day-care centers in the city.

A livestream from LA City Clerk shows the benches in the chamber filled with members of the public who were opposing the proposal. During the meeting’s public comments period, a public speaker climbed over a bench and onto the council floor before before they are detained by police amid yelling from the audience. Another person was detained moments later.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said an audience member was arrested. The meeting was recessed and LAPD said it declared an unlawful assembly within the chamber, which led to protesters leaving. Credit: LA City Clerk via Storyful

Video transcript

- We're going to say the only way that folks are safe, our social determinants of safety, is not more bullets, and not more batons, and not more police officers. For us, safety is defined by housing. Safety is defined by health care. Safety is defined by opportunities, and not the parlor tricking. It is interesting--

- You moved off--

- It is interesting, City Attorney, that we allowed this City--

- We're going to give you 30 seconds.

- --Council to compare last week's City Council meeting to an insurrection of white supremacists. I will say to you that all skin folk ain't kinfolk. And those types of games that you play have deadly results, Nury, and anyone else that did not stand up and say, that was not an insurrection. That was democracy in action. How dare you play those stupid [MUTED] games with folks who are here doing your job!

- Do you want to speak--

- We are not going anywhere, City Attorney. It sounds like-- it sounds to me that you--

- So, Speaker, do you want to speak on items one through three? Sorry. So-- thank you.


So, please--

- Thank you.

- Speak--

- The next Speaker--

- Speaker, you're disrupting the meeting.

- --is Patrina [INAUDIBLE].

- Please sit down now.

- The next Speaker is Patrina [INAUDIBLE].

- All right, Speaker, the Council President has ordered you to leave the meeting quietly. Sergeants, the man has been ordered removed.

- Thank you very much.

- Please, please.


- The next speaker is Patrina [INAUDIBLE]. Patrina [INAUDIBLE], are you here? Patrina? Anyone here with that name, Patrina? The next speaker, Alicia Smiles-- Alicia Smiles? What is your name?

- Patrina.

- Thank you. And then after you speak, it's Alicia Smiles, if that person's here.

- Whatever, you're a piece of [MUTED]. You're a piece of [MUTED]. And how dare you say that the people that are here are not un-housed. How [MUTED] dare you!

- We are speaking on items 19, 26, and--


- No, sergeants?


- Get off of him! Get off of him!

- [MUTED] These people are not on the [MUTED] street! [MUTED], you piece of [MUTED].


- Let her go! Let her go!

- Let her go! Let her go! Let her go!


- Hey, you [MUTED].


- Hey, let her go! Hey, let her go!

- This is [MUTED]. [INAUDIBLE]

- Members, we're going to take a short recess. Please head to the back.

- OK, for members of the audience--

- Sergeants, please clear the room.

- --in case you can't hear, we're taking a recess while this is being taken care of.

- Members, we're going into a 20-minute recess.

- Yo, do we have jail support for our comrades getting arrested here?

- And sergeants, please clear the room!


- Yo, calm the [MUTED] down!

- We won't go! We won't go! We won't go! We won't go! We won't go! We won't go! We won't go! We won't go! We won't go! We won't go! We won't go! We won't go! We won't--