This is the one cleansing mistake you are making, according to a dermatologist

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Are you guilty of making this cleansing mistake?Cavan Images - Getty Images

If we were to take a quick scan through your bathroom cabinet, we're guessing we'd find a least a few of the following: a cleanser (or three), an exfoliating acid, your go-to favourite face mask, a hydrating moisturiser and maybe an eye cream or two.

But whether you're a skincare buff or beauty novice, no matter how thorough your skincare routine might be, if you're making this one simple cleansing mistake – you won't be seeing the same results from the rest of your skincare routine.

Dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting took to Instagram to reveal that most of us are not cleansing for long enough. ‘One minute is how long it takes to truly, thoroughly remove everything from your skin,’ she revealed in a video. This includes things like oil, dead skin cells, product residue – plus make-up and sunscreen if you’re cleansing at night.

‘Most of us barely give it 20-seconds,’ Dr Bunting goes on to say. She goes on to cleanse for a full minute within the video to demonstrate how long it should take.

‘When you cleanse for a full minute, it means you can use something gentle and non-foaming to get everything off,’ Dr Bunting explains. ‘It’s so much better for the skin barrier and helps your healthy microbiome to thrive.’

Well, there you have it – a skincare hack that won't cost you any more money. Now, we're off to cleanse our face for a full minute… obvs.

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