One dead and 600 families left homeless in Philippines slum fire

One man was killed and 600 families were left homeless after a fire broke out at a residential area in Manila on February 4.

The fire is believed to have come from one of the houses in Baseco Compound around 11PM and quickly spread through the other parts of the slum area.

Most houses were made of light materials and the fire trucks had difficulty passing through narrow streets which resulted to 300 houses being engulfed in the blaze. The fire was declared out at 2:48AM.

A 42-year-old resident, a taxi driver, died while two were injured including a fire volunteer. Officials said that at least 600 families living in the slum had been left homeless.

Superintendent Roberto Samillano Jr from the Manila Bureau of Fire Protection said congested roads and low power cables made it difficult to access the area.

''Fire hydrants were also difficult to access, which allowed the fire to spread,'' he added.

Probers from the Bureau of Fire Protection is now conducting investigation to determine the cause of the fire. The cost of the damaged is estimated at 2m Philippines Pesos.