One dead in west end shooting

Feb. 5—One dead in west end shooting

Police are still putting together the pieces of a Sunday night shoot-out in the west end of Washington that left one person dead and three people injured.

According to police logs, officers were called to 1807 McCormick Ave., at 10:48 p.m. The report was that an ex-boyfriend of one of females that lives at that address had shown up with a gun.

While police were responding, the step-father at the house disarmed the gunman and the male left the house. Police began searching for the male, but about one hour later, authorities received a report that he had returned to the McCormick Avenue home and began shooting.

Police took the suspect in custody about six minutes later.

The Washington Police Department says one person was killed at the scene and three others were injured including the alleged shooter. Authorities so far have declined to release any further details.

Washington Police Chief Derrick Devine did say, "Any threat that the shooting may have had for the rest of the community is over."

Daviess County Prosecutor Amy Brown McKee said, "The shooting remains under investigation and police will be issuing an update."

Washington City Police, the Daviess County Coroner's Office and the Prosecutor's Office are involved in the investigation and are assisted by Indiana State Police.