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One Direction: The X Factor shares unseen footage – a month after Liam Payne claimed band was formed around him

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A previously unseen video from The X Factor reveals the truth behind the creation of One Direction.

The band was formed on the show after it was decided to combine five boys who had auditioned as solo artists.

One Direction went on to compete as a group on the show. Although they finished in third place, they went on to become the biggest boyband in the world.

For years, it has been believed that it was the idea of Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh to put the band members together.

However, the new clip, released to celebrate One Direction’s 12th anniversary, shows the band being formed in real time – and reveals it was actually Nicole Scherzinger who was the most instrumental in its creation.

Scherzinger served as a guest judge on the show when judge Dannii Minogue was on maternity leave.

One Direction’s creation began when Scherzinger moved a photo of Niall Horan to one side. She then told Cowell and Walsh to put Harry Styles’ photo with Horan’s.

“One hundred per cent; Nicole’s right,” Cowell immediately said.

After a photo of Louis Tomlinson is subsequently added, Scherzinger excitedly said: “Yes! They’re the cutest boyband ever. The little girls are gonna love them.”

She then added: “They’re just too talented to get rid off. They have just the right look and the right charisma on stage. I think they’ll be really great in a boyband together. They’re like little stars – you can’t get rid of little stars so you put them all together.”

A new ‘X Factor’ clip shows One Direction getting formed in real time (YouTube)
A new ‘X Factor’ clip shows One Direction getting formed in real time (YouTube)

When the trio came to Liam Payne’s photo, Scherzinger and Walsh were in immediate agreement that he was added to the list, but Cowell was unconvinced. “He was the standout audition,” he said, adding that Payne should perhaps move forward as a solo artist.

Scherzinger then told Cowell: “I don’t think so, I think he would definitely shine. He could actually maybe be the leader.” Cowell, still unconvinced, replied: “He thinks he’s better than anyone in that list.”

After looking at the faces together, however, Cowell had a change of heart, stating: “That looks great. I like that,” to which Scherzinger added: “It looks unbelievable.”

It is Walsh who offered up Zayn Malik as a band member, with Cowell saying: “Now that is a good idea.”

Walsh, referencing the faces together, said: “That could be good, actually.”

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