One Direction's Liam never wore stripes because of Louis

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While we now know that Liam Payne once "absolutely hated" his One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson, it seems part of that came down to sartorial choices.

In fact, the singer has revealed that he actually never wore stripes while in the group due to Louis… because they were considered to be his thing. The outrage.

Speaking about the initial rumour that Louis' preference for striped clothing meant Liam couldn't don his finest horizontal line-patterned tops, the singer admitted it was a "true story".

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"So, when you grow up in a band scenario, it was like gaining four brothers straight away and with styling we were all kind of doing the most random things," Liam explained to Capital Breakfast.

"There's this one picture of us all stood in like a news-agents in onesies, just like the weirdest guys ever.

"The funniest bit about that story was the people who managed us on the show were looking after Westlife at the same time and they hauled us in a boardroom and they were like 'you can't wear those, you look ridiculous, Westlife wouldn't do it.'

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"The next day, Westlife were in four onesies. We were like, are you sure? No, but we all had our own little thing."

The star continued: "I was the lumberjack. I can't remember what Zayn's thing was, but Louis' was always stripes.

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"Louis had a number of things actually, he was a proper diva about it, like, he had stripes, he had them suspender-type things or whatever they're called... […] braces.

"So everybody had their little thing and so if you started going into someone else's thing it was like fighting with your sister about whether or not…

"'I was gonna wear that tonight' 'no! I De-de-de and whatever' so then I was just like 'right, no stripes' and then I just never wore stripes and I was the lumberjack!"

Well, we're sure they would've suited you fine, Liam.

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