One-eyed baby cyclops goat born on farm in Thailand

A rare one-eyed baby goat baffled farmers after it was born in Thailand on Monday.The cyclops kid was delivered at the Farmsook Homestay, an agritourism destination in Uthai Thani province, on February 27 morning.Farm owner Suparat Jitlang said she heard the mother goat Nang Kroh giving birth to the mutant offspring at around 8 am. She went to the stables to check but was shocked to find the newborn with just a single eye and no nose. Suparat said: 'I was so surprised. I've been raising goats for a long time, but it's the first time I've encountered one like this.'She added that the kid appeared healthy, apart from its facial deformities.Footage shows the baby cyclops bleating while being groomed by its mum. Without any nostrils, it panted constantly to gulp in air. Suparat feared it would die soon from exhaustion due to breathing difficulties.However, it was still alive and on Tuesday afternoon.Suparat said: 'Its condition is unfortunate, but I can't do anything but accept it. We will have to see if it survives.'The baby goat is believed to be suffering cyclopia, a rare genetic defect in which the offspring's brain fails to divide properly into two hemispheres during development. This results in various physical abnormalities, including missing mouths and noses, in which case the newborn dies from suffocation shortly after birth. Cyclopia is linked to low survival rates.