'One of His Favorite Pastimes': Bear Enjoys Basking in Sun at New York Sanctuary

A resident at a New York bear sanctuary was filmed enjoying “one of his favorite pastimes” in a video posted on October 24, as he soaked up some rays and got some time “sunbathing”.

Founded by Jim Kowalczik, Susan Kowalczik, and Kerry Clair in 2015, the Orphaned Wildlife Center, in Otisville, New York, nurtures its animal residents, in the hope they can be returned to the wild.

Leo, the bear featured in this footage, is listed as being 28 years old by the center’s website, with the Syrian brown bear weighing around 900 pounds.

The center often shares videos and updates about the animals in its care to its YouTube channel and Facebook page. Credit: Kerry Clair via Storyful

Video transcript