This One Hair Tweak Will Change Your Entire Face

Here's your sign to change your part. (I did and I love it!)

Changing your part to suit your face shape can refresh your look, highlight your favorite features, and improve your hair health, since those wisps in front often take the brunt of the blow-dryer. Celebrity stylist Bridget Brager combs through the options.

<p>Babeth Lafon</p>

Babeth Lafon


Great for: Round faces, or anyone looking to play up their eyes or nose.

Ideal placement: Find the tip of your nose and move up to your hairline.

Styling tip: Grab a small section of hair from both sides and blow-dry them over your forehead, Brager says. Part, then use clips to press sides down until it’s time to go. “This forms a curtain that adds depth.”

<p>Babeth Lafon</p>

Babeth Lafon


Great for: Square faces, “because it softens the temples and jawline,” Brager explains.

Ideal placement: Above the arch of an eyebrow.

Styling tip: Place the heavier side on a paddle brush and dry it toward the temple on the same side. On the other side, after drying, “form a finger curl to create a slight swoop.”

<p>Babeth Lafon</p>

Babeth Lafon


Great for: Round or heart-shaped faces, as it adds height and slims.

Ideal placement: The end of your eyebrow.

Styling tip: Brager recommends blow-drying with a round brush, then securing a large Velcro roller on the heavier side, wrapping hair away from your face. “Remove the roller for a bouncy, deep side part.”

<p>Babeth Lafon</p>

Babeth Lafon


Great for: Square or heart-shaped faces in need of softness. “Those with fine hair can get volume too,” Brager says.

Ideal placement: Start at the arch of your brow, then cross hair over the top of your crown.

Styling tip: “Pair it with waves to add body, or pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail for some edge,” Brager says.

Got a long or oval face shape? Brager says you’re in luck: Because they’re so symmetrical, these shapes work well with any part. Play around!

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