One huge Black Mirror easter egg links several episodes

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There's already been speculation that Black Mirror is all set in one universe, and Charlie Brooker has been prone to dropping little Easter eggs throughout.

However, it seems there's one that completely passed us by, and you may have only noticed it if you have a very keen ear.

First heard in season one's 'Fifteen Million Merits', Irma Thomas' 1964 track 'Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)' has actually been played numerous times throughout the series.

Also appearing in 'White Christmas', Season 3's 'Men Against Fire', and Season 4's 'Crocodile', the showrunners confirming that ties the episodes into an "artistic universe".

"It was originally selected for ['Fifteen Million Merits'] because it was, it has the sound of a timeless haunting classic, yet wouldn't be familiar to most viewers," Brooker told TheWrap. "Idea was to have the character of Abi sing a song of earnest beauty."

His co-showrunner Annabel Jones explained that he "has loved [the song] for a long time", adding that they return to it constantly because Brooker "liked the idea of nesting all the episodes together in an artistic universe of sorts".

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"Oh, I think you know it is just - it's an Easter egg," she added. "I think it's something we just love and find very emotive. And it's something that's really worked for us as a motif.

"And so if we can bring it back in and it adds to the overall sense of the universe or connection between some of the things that we're talking about then that's great. But it is a lovely piece of music."

So, we'll definitely be keeping our ears propped for its possible inclusion in season five.

Black Mirror's first four seasons are streaming now on Netflix.

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