One lead to walk them all! Man takes over TEN dogs for a stroll in Tibet

A man was seen waking more than 10 pet dogs on a crowded street in Lhasa, Tibet, with tourists around him. It’s a popular street for travellers called Barkhor Street. It is understood that the old man called Wangdui, who lives nearby, likes to feed small animals since childhood and thinks that raising small animals is beneficial and harmless to people. For safety reasons, the man always puts the dog on a leash to prevent people or dogs from being hurt by cars or fighting with other dogs. The man said he was a travelling businessman when he was younger. After turning 50 years old, he settled down in Lhasa. With more leisure time, he said "I started with three dogs and didn't plan to get more, but the puppies gave birth to tiny dogs and I couldn't bear to discard them, so I got more and more. Now the oldest is 18 years old and the youngest was just born.” The video was filmed on February 9 and provided with permission by local media.