'One minute I'm DJing the next I'm on BBC Breakfast': How My Old School changed Glasgow woman's life

Nicola Walker with Alan Cumming at the Glasgow premiere of My Old School
Nicola Walker with Alan Cumming at the Glasgow premiere of My Old School

A Glasgow DJ has told how new film My Old School has seen her jetting off around the world to share the story of a classmate who wasn't what he seemed.

Brian MacKinnon styled himself 'Brandon Lee' and attended Bearsden High School.

Having been excluded from Glasgow University for failing exams, the 30-year-old returned to school to get the necessary qualifications to go to medical school.

However, his secret was revealed when friends caught sight of his passport on a holiday to Spain.

Nicola Walker was at school with 'Brandon' and told the Glasgow Times about the making of the film: “About five years ago I was approached by Jordan McLeod, the director, and he was making this film about Brandon Lee.

“Myself and Alan Cumming had both been involved in the film, he was meant to star in it and direct it years and years ago, it was made by another company and everything.

“As these things do it kind of fell through. Fast forward 20 years and Jordo, who I went to school with as well, had approached me. He was in the class and grew up to be a documentary filmmaker.

“He made the film and he’s just done such an amazing job.

"It premiered worldwide at Sundance in America, and I’ve got to do all this fun stuff with it. I was away at the Sydney Film Festival, I’ve been at Dublin Film Festival, we had our Glasgow premiere as well and right now it’s at the cinemas and proving to be a great success.

“It’s a real word-of-mouth film at a time when cinema’s dying on it’s a**e a wee bit. The GFT’s been packed every night and we’re at the Grosvenor as well now."

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

While there are clearly problematic aspects to a 30-year-old hanging around with pupils almost half his age, the film takes a light-hearted tone.

Nicola said: “You think about a documentary like this and think it’ll be some sort of true crime thing but it’s not it’s a really funny film.

“It’s been a crazy experience - one minute I’m DJing at The Garage, the next I’m on BBC Breakfast. One extreme to the other.

“It’s really funny, I think that’s what you don’t expect from it. And at the end of the film they show what all the people interviewed do for a living and The Garage features in that, it’s got me DJing in The Garage at the end."