One-on-one with 2025 guard Trey McKenney

Yahoo Sports' Krysten Peek sits down with one of the top guards in the 2025 high school class, Trey McKenney.

Video transcript

- I'm Kristine Peak here with 2025 Trey McKenney. We're at Nike Peach Jam. Trey, you guys just came off a win, I know you're done for the week, but how was this whole experience for you?

- Well I feel like it was a great experience because it's my first time like qualifying for Peach Jam. So I feel like I showed people what I'm about.

- Yeah. And, I mean, this is, like, the toughest competition out there. How have you seen your game progress through the UYBL season?

- Well, I feel like it's progressed pretty well and I feel like I'm up there with the top players. So I feel like I could hold my own.

- I mean, I know you're still young, 2025, but we got college coaches out here, we've got NBA scouts out here. What were you hoping to show the guys that were in the gym here to watch you play?

- Just that I'm versatile and I can play any spot on the floor and I can impact the game on both sides.

- What would you say are your biggest strengths for your game?

- Probably scoring the basketball.

- Just straight simple, just scoring. OK, on the recruitment front, you have a ton of offers. What are some of the most recent offers you've had?

- Michigan State, Ohio State, and Indiana probably. Yeah.

- Let's start with Michigan State. What do you like most about their program?

- Oh, I like the history and the program because it's a lot of history for my city and Michigan State. So it feels like home, kind of.

- Yeah. And Michigan, kind of their rival there.

- Yeah, I like Michigan too because, Jowana, he's pretty connected with my dad and he'll make sure I'm OK.

- And with Juwan Howard there, I mean, he's a pro, he's played at the highest level. Is that kind of what you like about them and what you can learn from him?

- I feel like I can learn from him because I'm trying to get where he was at. So I feel like I can learn a lot from him.

- Ohio State, another Big Ten school. What do you like about them? I mean, they do really well with guards. You were talking about Malaki Branham coming off a one and done year.

- Oh, I just like their facilities a lot when I was there for a team camp. And the coaches were all at my game, so I feel like I'm pretty important there.

- Did you have a dream school growing up or a team that you always watched?

- Well, I pretty much watched the in-state schools when I was growing up.

- And then you're narrowing things down. I mean, you still have a ton of time, but what's going to be most important for you?

- Probably seeing the academics and how much of a focal point I am in the program.

- Any schools that you definitely want to get to at some point?

- Like, schools that haven't like contacted me?

- Yeah. Like, visits.

- Probably like bigger bluebloods like Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, those type of schools.

- OK. Well, Trey, I'm sure we'll be talking more since you're a 2025 player, but thank you so much for the time. And for more information on Trey McKenney, keep it right here on