One per cent of Americans have never heard of Donald Trump

It turns out some Americans having been paying much attention to politics recently. (Getty)

Donald Trump is everywhere.

If he isn’t sending out his latest tweet storms, his orange hair is clogging up your Facebook feed or he’s mouthing off on TV with yet another nuclear sound bite.

But it turns out ‘The Donald’ hasn’t quite reached total saturation point.

According to the latest National Tracking Poll by Politico, 1% of Americans have never heard of the current President of the United States of America.

A further 1% have never heard of Melania or Ivanka, either.

2% of people surveyed had not heard of Ivanka or Melania Trump. (Getty)

The poll produces a revealing insight into the administration’s high-profile figures.

For example, 22% of respondents had never heard of Jared Kushner, 21% weren’t familiar with Steve Bannon and 16% weren’t aware of Mike Pence.

The survey asked 1,991 voters from across the country a mixture of economic and cultural backgrounds., with 17 saying they had ‘never heard of’ Donald Trump.

35% of them voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election, 38% for Trump and 10% for someone else.

35% of respondents voted for Clinton in the 2016 election. (Getty)

But despite the highest percentage voting for Trump, many were dissatisfied with the political climate in its current state.

When asked if things were ‘going in the right direction’ only 38% said ‘yes’ – leaving almost two-thirds believing that Trump is not going about things the best way.

The figures were even smaller when it came to presidential approval – one in five ‘strongly’ approves of the job Trump’s administration is doing, and another one in five ‘somewhat’ approves.

Almost two thirds of those surveyed did not agree with the direction the country is going in. (Getty)

However the majority, albeit a small one, of 38% ‘strongly disapprove’ of what’s going on in the White House at the moment.

When it came down to who would run the country better, votes were split between Democrats and Republicans on differing topics.

Republicans were the trusted party for the economy, jobs, immigration and national security while Democrats came out on top for healthcare, the environment, energy and education.


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Topics like the Affordable Care Act 2010 (sometimes known as Obamacare) split opinions, with 49% of people saying they either strongly or somewhat approved of the scheme, and 41% strongly or somewhat disapproving of it.

This is despite 43% saying they realised a repeal of the bill would have a ‘negative impact’ on sick individuals and those with pre-existing conditions.

Many people seem to believe Trump’s accusations of fake news. (Getty)

Trump’s parroting of ‘the fake news media’ may be met with some derision, but 46% agreed that major news organisations ‘fabricate stories’ about the president and his administration.

The most important issue for American citizens was economic issues (27%) followed by healthcare (21%) and security (20%.