One Piece's beloved dirtbag clown is also in the MCU

 Buggy the Clown
Buggy the Clown

The Internet has gone absolutely cuckoo for One Piece's Buggy the Clown, with thirst TikTok's using clips from the Netflix live-action adaptation amassing tens of millions of views. The clown pirate, who serves as one of the several antagonists in both the anime and live-action versions of One Piece, is played by none other than Jeff Ward. Before becoming the East Blue's resident Flashy Fool, Ward joined the Agents of Shield.

Yep, Buggy the Clown has a permanent spot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From 2017 to 2020, Ward played Deke Shaw, a scavenger from the year 2091 who went from stealing SHIELD's technology to becoming an agent himself. Shaw is introduced in season 5, after Agent Coulson and company are sent to the future. We learn that Earth's remaining humans are kept in a facility overseen by the Kree, where they are subject to mistreatment. It's here that we meet Shaw, who, after reluctantly agreeing to help the team, immediately tries to betray them. After a quick change of heart, Shaw agrees to help them get back to the past – and accidentally gets sent along with them.

Though introduced as a recurring role in season 5, Shaw becomes a regular in season 6, as well as the show's seventh and final season.

It's worth noting that Ward is no stranger to going viral, as he was, in fact, the star of that extremely messed-up scene from Netflix's Brand New Cherry Flavor that people could not stop talking (and complaining) about. Prior to that, he starred in Channel Zero: No-End Hous, SyFy's creepypasta anthology, and even played famed 'cult' leader Charles Manson in Leslie Libman's Manson's Lost Girls.

Ward has kind of been everywhere, and with his newfound viral status (which is thankfully less dirty and just a lot more thirsty), we have a hunch we'll be seeing him in plenty more projects to come.

One Piece and Brand New Cherry Flavor are streaming on Netflix. Agents of SHIELD is streaming on Disney Plus. For more, check out our list of the best new TV shows to add to your streaming queue.