One Plastic Free Day 2019: A Plastic Planet inspires the world to mobilise one billion people

Sian Bayley
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One Plastic Free Day 2019: A Plastic Planet inspires the world to mobilise one billion people

Campaigners hope to inspire one billion people to go plastic-free on June 5 this year, and put pressure on governments to speed up the pace of change.

Coinciding with World Environment Day, the team at A Plastic Planet are encouraging people across the world to take part in a visual survey on the plastic crisis, and will project their logo at iconic global sights including Times Square in New York.

People will be asked to take a photo of one thing they want to go plastic free, from drinks bottles to toothbrushes, and post it with the hashtag #oneplasticfreeday.

The photos will form the basis of an interactive world map at and will later be published as part of a visual report highlighting the use of unnecessary plastic across the world and identifying hotspots that require urgent change.

Globally some eight million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans every day, while one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute and up to five trillion single use plastic bags are used worldwide every year.

A Plastic Planet co-founder Sian Sutherland said: “One Plastic Free Day 2019 belongs to the world. It is not about any single organisation or individual. From Lagos to London, Phuket to Paris, it’s about people coming together to gather vital intelligence on the true extent of the plastic crisis.

“So far there have been too many words and not enough action. June 5 is the time for everyone to join together to show industry and governments that we, the public, have had enough. We don’t want to be part of the plastic pollution problem any longer – Every time we shop we feel guilty. Why is it taking so long for change to happen?

“I’m incredibly excited about the prospect of mobilising one billion people for the brighter plastic-free future we all know is possible.”