One to Go, Please: Hawk Flies With Snake in Its Talons

A woman in Palmer, South Australia, feared a snake might fall on her head when she spied a hawk flying with the creature in its talons.

Melissa Jayne McGorman can be heard in the video saying, “It’s got a snake and it’s gonna drop it on my head!”

“Our farm has just started harvesting the crops so snakes are more visible to birds from the sky, and as I was driving we saw the hawk swoop down and pick up the snake,” McGorman told Storyful. “We see this often but usually the snakes fall pretty quickly (before I can get my phone out) but this hawk had a Herculean grip on it and it flew for a good 50 seconds above us in circles, then flew off into the distance still with the snake!” Credit: Melissa Jayne McGorman via Storyful

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