There could be one tell-tale sign that tells us if the Duchess of Sussex is pregnant

Could the Duchess of Sussex’s hair styling offer a hint to her future baby plans? [Photo: Getty]

You know how it is, the ink has barely dried on your shiny, new royal wedding certificate and people are already asking when they can expect the patter of tiny feet. *sighs*

Just ask the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Obviously we totally appreciate we are contributing to this baby-watch somewhat in even writing this article, but the fact is people love a royal baby, even more than they love a royal wedding.

So for those who just can’t wait for the official news from Kensington Palace that there’s a mini Meg and Harry on the way, there could be one tell-tale sign to watch out for before the actual announcement.

And you have to rewind a few years to spot it.

Back in 2011, before she’d even met Prince Harry, and while she was working as an actress Meghan Markle often gave interviews discussing her favourite beauty and haircare treatments.

One of her beauty revelations was that she often has semi-permanent straightening treatments to achieve her smooth tresses.

“My mum is black and my dad is Dutch and Irish, so the texture of my hair is densely curly,” Meghan once said. “I’ve been getting Brazilian blowouts for a couple of years.”

One royal expert has predicted we could see the Duchess opt for a bun should she be expecting [Photo: Getty]

The trouble is that the products used in those kind of treatments aren’t always recommended during pregnancy, so spotting a change in her usual sleek styling could perhaps offer some kind of hint there could be royal bun in the oven.

“The one thing that might be interesting is her hair,” Royal expert Myka Meier, told The Sun’s Fabulous.

“We don’t know what she does now, but it is likely she uses a keratin or a Brazilian treatment to straighten it. As soon as she gets pregnant she will no longer be able to use those same products which could be very interesting.”

Meier believes we may see the Duchess switching up her hair style should a royal baby be on the way. “I think we’ll see her wearing more of a bun when that happens, which could be a tell tale sign she is pregnant as she’ll no longer be able to use those stringent chemicals that are often used or that beautiful glossy look.”

But those already on high baby alert might have to hold fire for a while.

While the couple have made no secret of their desire to start a family, their future travel schedule could have put a hold on any imminent baby plans.

As announced back in June, the newlyweds are due to embark on a lengthy royal tour to Australia, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga and New Zealand. 

And it has been predicted that the royal couple would prefer to get that tour out of the way in order to side-step any potential pregnancy side effects making what will likely be a busy time, even more tricky.

No doubt after that though we can expect hair-watch to resume in full force.

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