OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 7T Pro: Which OnePlus phone is the one for you?

Amelia Heathman
The new OnePlus 7T Series has finally arrived: OnePlus

Not content with releasing the OnePlus 7T two weeks ago, Chinese smartphone company OnePlus has decided to release another new phone: the 7T Pro.

The new 7T Pro is an update on the company’s first premium smartphone, the 7 Pro, released earlier this year. With a full screen display and popup selfie camera, as well as three rear camera lenses, there is a lot going on with this phone to push it into the top tier of devices.

But which OnePlus phone is the one you should buy this year? Whether you’re a big fan of the brand or intrigued to see what’s new, here’s how to choose which OnePlus 7T series device is the right one for you.

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 7T Pro: Design

There are some design similarities when it comes to the new OnePlus phones. Both the 7T and 7T Pro sport fluid AMOLED displays, with a 90Hz refresh rate (that means the screen display refreshes the same frame of a video or image 90 times every second). They are both all-glass devices, featuring OnePlus’s anti-glare design with a metallic gloss finish, and are protected by Corning Gorilla Glass.

That’s where the similarities end. The 7T is sized at 6.55-inches, whilst the 7T Pro has a slightly bigger, curved screen, sized at 6.67-inches.

On the front of the 7T, there is a waterdrop notch to house the front camera, whilst the 7T Pro has no notch to be seen, instead opting for a pop-up selfie camera like the 7 Pro.

On the back, the 7T’s camera lenses are set up in a circular display, like the new Huawei Mate 30 Pro. This looks interesting and different to other phones, but does lead to a certain amount of design real estate taken up as it is fairly bulky. On the other hand, the 7T Pro keeps the vertical camera formation as seen on previous OnePlus phones.

Not much has changed with the design on the 7T Pro compared to the earlier 7 Pro, so it looks like it’s on the 7T where OnePlus has decided to invest all its design power, bringing in a smaller notch, adding the 90Hz screen refresh and switching up the camera design.

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 7T Pro: Camera

The 7T is the first of OnePlus’s standard range to have three rear camera lenses. It has a main 48MP camera, a 12MP telephoto lens and a 16MP ultra-wide angle lens with 2x optical zoom. The phone can now shoot 4k video up to 60fps (frames per second), and super slow motion up to 960fps – which can also be done in wide angle, a feature which is set to appeal to TikTok fans.

The new OnePlus 7T Pro has no notch thanks to a pop-up selfie camera (OnePlus)

For the 7T Pro, there is the same 48MP camera, an 8MP telephoto lens with increased aperture compared to the 7T, a 16MP ultra-wide angle lens, with 3x optical zoom, as well as the same video capabilities.

The camera software has been improved on both devices when it comes to ultra shot, night mode and portrait mode. As well, OnePlus has now integrated Google’s Lens technology into its camera for AI detection when it comes to things like translation.

Both phones feature a 16MP selfie camera that offer face unlock.

There’s not that much difference when it comes to the cameras on the 7T and 7T Pro, mainly it comes down to the fact the 7T Pro has a higher resolution zoom lens, so you can take clearer zoomed-in shots. But aside from that, there’s not really much to it in this category.

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 7T Pro: Specs

The new OnePlus 7T Series phones both feature Android 10, with OnePlus’s OxygenOS skin built on top. Inside, the phones include the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor. A new feature of OxygenOS is the Smart Boost, which loads the apps you use the most in the background so they launch faster when you need them.

The OnePlus 7T is available with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, whilst the 7T Pro is available in 8GB RAM with 256GB of storage.

The other major difference is that the 7T Pro has a bigger battery, at 4,085mAh, whereas the 7T’s battery is 3,800mAh.

Both devices benefit from OnePlus’s new WarpCharge 30T technology. This boosts the phone from 0 to 50 per cent charged only 20 minutes, and 0 to 70 per cent in 30 minutes. Improvements in the battery inside the devices mean they will now offer a smoother charger.

Specs-wise, the 7T Pro comes in a bigger storage option and offers a bigger battery so if these two features matter to you, then go for the Pro model.

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 7T Pro: Extra features

Aside from simply the design, camera and specs of the phones, there are a couple of extra features in the new 7T Series that you should take note of.

One is that the screens themselves feature a new E3 generation panel material. This means the screen offers a 40 per cent reduction in blue light emittance, which is more comfortable for your eyes and shouldn’t keep you up too late at night, and the panel is now 27 per cent brighter than previous phones, so it’s easier to see in direct sunlight.

The new 7T features a circular design on the back to house the camera lenses (OnePlus)

The optic sensors which allow for the in-screen fingerprint reader have been updated with improved algorithms, so that they can better read the fingerprint. As well, the haptic vibration motor is crisper too than on the 7 Series.

The Zen Mode function that OnePlus introduced on the 7 Series allows you to completely lock down your device for 20 minutes to let you get on with the things that need doing. This has also been improved for the 7T phones, you can adjust the timing from 20 minutes, to 30, 40 and even a hour long. Only emergency calls are allowed through in Zen Mode.

OnePlus 7T vs OnePlus 7T Pro: Price and release date

Given that the 7T Pro has more premium features in terms of design, battery and storage, it makes sense that this is the more expensive phone, priced at £699. This slightly more expensive than the 7 Pro released earlier this year, however, as this started at £649.

The 7T is a very affordable £549, however, this does make it slightly more expensive than the 7 which was the same price (£549) but with more storage (256GB compared to 128GB).

Both phones are still very reasonably priced given the features they pack and the design, particularly when compared to other flagship phones which regularly start from £799 and above.

The 7T and 7T Pro will both be available to buy on October 17 at

Don’t forget about the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren edition

There’s one final device in the OnePlus line-up that we haven’t mentioned yet: the 7T Pro McLaren Edition. Last year, OnePlus teamed up with McLaren to create a special edition 6T with the signature McLaren orange racing stripe going around the phone.

This year’s version is an upgraded 7T Pro, featuring all the same features including the pop-up camera, long battery, and Android 10. Its differences come in the design, with that orange accent making a reappearance, as well as a massive 12GB of RAM.

The 7T Pro McLaren edition will be on sale on November 5, from, for £799.

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