The One's ending explained, and how it sets up for a second season

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Photo credit: Netflix

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The One on Netflix spoilers follow – including its ending.

Set in the near future, Netflix's The One is the story of a geneticist who discovers a way to find anyone's perfect match just by using a DNA sample. Matchmaking service The One is soon a huge global phenomenon. But there are dark secrets at the heart of the company and by the end of series one, we're left wondering what will happen if it all implodes.

CEO and founder Rebecca Webb is prepared to do anything to make sure her company succeeds, from blackmailing a government minister to bribing her main investor's escort. But she comes under the spotlight when the police discover the dead body of her former roommate Ben in a river. He's been missing for more than a year.

It turns out that Rebecca and her best friend Jamie used private medical records from Ben's pharmaceutical company to test their findings. Using this illegally obtained DNA data, Rebecca even met her match Matheus to make sure that their research actually worked. No one discovers their involvement but Ben ends up losing his job because the security breach happened on his laptop.

It's assumed that Ben died by suicide but forensic evidence reveals it was in fact murder. The detective in charge of the case, Kate Saunders, is determined to prove that Rebecca was involved.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Kate juggles her quest to catch Rebecca with her difficult personal life. Her match Sophia comes to London to meet her but ends up in an accident. As Sophia lies in a coma, Kate grows closer to Sophia's brother Sebastian and they develop feelings for each other. In fact, both Sophia and Sebastian are Kate's matches.

A matchmaking service like The One also has ramifications for couples who are already married. Hannah and Mark Bailey are in love but she fears that he might leave her for his match. So Hannah finds his match, a woman called Megan, and befriends her in an attempt to become more perfect for Mark. Ironically, this means that Mark and Megan end up inadvertently meeting.

The One's ending, explained

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

The finale reveals the truth behind many of the secrets Rebecca is hiding. But Kate has no concrete evidence, so she persuades Rebecca's lover Matheus to find a way to make her confess.

Matheus urges Rebecca to tell him the truth if she really wants to be together. She admits that Ben found out they stole his company's data and threatened to go to the police. A fight broke out. Rebecca ended up accidentally pushing him off the roof. She decided to take his body to the river even though Jamie wanted them to make a full confession.

Before Matheus can take his recording to Kate, he dies saving Rebecca from a man who hates her company for destroying his marriage. Rebecca ends up deleting the recording and the one piece of evidence against her. However there's one thing she didn't tell Matheus: she knew Ben was still alive as she stood by the river but still pushed his body into the water.

Though that's by no means the end of the company's secrets. Rebecca is determined to hide the fact that, just like Kate, there are several cases of people who have more than one match. This is usually in terms of one person being matched with siblings. Kate continues to struggle with her feelings for both Sophia and Sebastian but ends up staying with Sophia after she wakes up from her coma.

She's not the only one struggling. Mark sleeps with his match, Megan, whilst on a break from Hannah. But he goes back to his wife when he has a cancer scare. Megan won't go away easily, though. She's determined to disrupt their lives by finding Hannah's perfect match.

What does the ending mean for season 2?

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

If there's going to be another season for the Netflix show, we will almost certainly see the battle between Rebecca and Kate ignite once more and go even further.

Kate already tried to get the truth out of Jamie in the finale. Now that he's met his match, he might reveal what he knows so there's no dark secret between them. Rebecca threatened Kate's lover Sophia at Matheus' funeral. If she finds out that Kate has new evidence or potential witnesses, she might kidnap Sophia for leverage or even kill her if she feels there's no way out. This could push Kate towards Sebastian as they bond over losing Sophia. It could also mean that Kate is even more desperate to bring down Rebecca.

As for Mark and Hannah, their relationship will inevitably unravel yet again as Hannah meets her match.

One person who's unlikely to fall in love again is Rebecca. She's devastated by Matheus' death, especially since she planned to be with him after announcing her departure from the company.

However it's almost certain that the public confession she's about to make at the end of the show is not about her guilt. Rebecca is far too calculating for that. What's more likely is that with Matheus dead, she comes up with some explanation why she still wants to be CEO.

If any of her secrets come out to the wider public, it could have huge ramifications. Knowing that it's possible to have more than one match will undermine the premise of the whole company.

Zoë Tapper, who plays Kate, told The Express that people will likely find out about the double matches since so many use the service.

"You also see the cracks forming in the actual business model. Because it's had such a global effect, it's as big as a Facebook, people have taken this by storm... and it's changed their lives."

As much as Rebecca wants to keep the situation contained, there will inevitably be some kind of investigation. This could lead to the company unravelling, the destruction of many relationships and a lot of chaos.

If it's then revealed that Rebecca stole data and committed murder to conceal it, there will be no way back for the company.

All we can do is wait for the go-ahead from Netflix to find out for sure.

The One is available on Netflix.

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