Online pornography: Meet the father of four boys fighting for age access checks

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Campaigners are fighting for a High Court review into new online harm laws, which have failed to include age checks they say are critical in the battle to stop underage access to online pornography sites.

We spoke to Ioannis Dekas, a father of four boys, who explains his own family’s experience.

Ioannis has joined forces with YouTuber Ava Vakil to crowdfund a legal challenge to the Online Safety Bill, so adult content is, they say, subject to the same checks as buying alcohol, cigarettes or movies.

Space scientists say some of the oldest stars in our galaxy have been dated with unprecedented precision.

Led by the University of Birmingham, the scientists used satellites to measure sound waves trapped inside the stars with their size and structure to estimate the stars’ ages.

Jake Paul is being investigated after posting a video on social media appearing to show him driving around a protected beach in Puerto Rico – which is home to Turtle nesting and hatching.

The local Department of Natural and Environmental Resources said it would investigate whether laws have been broken.

Scientists use AI to crunch weather patterns to predict the risks of heart attacks, how a female mitochondria cell has shown that a mother’s genetics can influence their child’s height, lifespan and disease risk. A self-driving taxi has blocked a road, and a humanoid called Ai-da has created art using algorithms to show the power of AI.

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