Online tool to allow the public to talk to ‘digital portrait’ of Nile Rodgers

Tom Horton
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Q Awards 2018 – London
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An interactive online tool will allow the public to hold a virtual conversation with a “digital portrait” of Nile Rodgers.

Over the course of two days, the musician recorded answers to 350 questions in front of a camera.

The tool, which has been developed with the National Portrait Gallery and the Universal Music UK record label, will allow the public to ask Rodgers questions and hear his recorded responses in real time.

Rodgers said: “Who I am as a person is really the essence of most of my songs.

“So I hope this experience will help people understand more about my journey, my life in the music industry, and what I have been trying to say through my music.

“It gives people I might never get to meet the opportunity to ask me questions and share thoughts in a completely new way.”

The tool, which was described as a “digital portrait” in a statement, features clips of Rodgers discussing his contributions to music and collaborations with stars such as David Bowie and Diana Ross.

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Users will be able to speak to the virtual depiction of Rodgers to trigger his various responses.

Rodgers added: “I love this because I believe that at the foundation of music are human connections and a human story that needs to be told.

“I hope people who know my work really well enjoy some special moments, and people who are new to my world can get a peek into a life in music.

“If I can share some hope and optimism along the way, then even better.”

The tool is available on the National Portrait Gallery’s website.

Denise Vogelsang, director of digital at the National Portrait Gallery, said: “We are delighted to be associated with this pioneering project to produce this ground-breaking voice-interactive portrait.

“By making this new experience available on our website, we hope to be able to harness the benefits of the latest digital technologies to inspire new audiences and explore innovative forms of storytelling.”

The public can sample the tool for free, while an online pass to access all the content costs £20.

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