'Only in Australia': Spider Wasp Drags Huntsman Across Gravel

An orange spider wasp was filmed dragging a huntsman across gravel on a property in Taree, New South Wales, in a video posted to Instagram on April 24.

Marc Foi, who shot the footage, wrote of the experience, “Nope… only in Australia!! If we got too close she chased us off…”

According to Australian biosecurity authorities, female spider wasps use their stingers to paralyse spiders before dragging them to their burrows, typically in the ground or on tree trunks.

The wasp lays an egg on the spider’s body and after hatching, the larva feeds on the arachnid’s bodily fluids. Credit: Marc Foi via Storyful

Video transcript

MARC FOI: Those are-- oh! Trent!

TRENT: Elizabeth, get up here.

MARC FOI: Get the dogs inside.

TRENT: Get in there now. A wasp flying backwards

MARC FOI: Meanwhile, in Australia. That is a big wasp. That's a little, like, nest under there.

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