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Only Connect: Victoria Coren Mitchell baffled as team correctly answer ‘ungettable’ question

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Victoria Coren Mitchell was left baffled after quizzers on Only Connect guessed the answer to her “least favourite question in the whole series”.

The comedian and poker player has hosted the BBC quiz show since 2008, in which two teams must answer a series of difficult questions and spot the missing links in sequences.

During one particularly fiendish round on Monday’s (11 October) episode, which was declared “ungettable” by Coren Mitchell, the teams tried to guess the fourth item in a sequence.

They were initially presented with two mathematical equations, the first of which amounted to 20 acres and the second 43 acres. The next picture showed a combine harvester.

Team The Jukeboxers correctly guessed that the last item was a key, in a reference to The Wurzels’s No 1 hit song “The Combine Harvester”, which features the line: “I got 20 acres and you got 43 / Now I got a brand new combine harvester and I’ll give you the key.”

Looking shocked by the correct answer, Coren Mitchell told the teams: “This is my least favourite question in the whole series. I think it’s ungettable. I hate almost everything about it. I said nobody could get it.”

She then questioned: “Here’s my problem. One… why would you look at that and it says square feet, why would you change it into acres? Two, in doing that, how would you know how many acres it was? Three, what’s that then got to do with this weird machinery?

“Even if you somehow went, ‘Oh that’s a combine harvester from the song’, how would you know that it goes, ‘And I’ll give you the key’? Tell me I’m not alone. It doesn’t make any sense, does it? It makes no sense.”

Only Connect airs Mondays at 8pm on BBC Two.

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