Only the most eagle-eyed people can spot the hidden crab in this summer puzzle

Summer Puzzle.
-Credit: (Image: Betway Casino)

Only the most eagle-eyed of readers will be able to find the crab hiding in this summer brainteaser.

It's almost June, meaning hot summer days and trips to the seaside are just around the corner!

With seaside season coming up, Betway Casino invites you to try this tricky brainteaser, challenging you to find the crab hiding among the shells.

There is sea of shells all across this picture of many colours which can confuse your brain when looking at it.

So, can you spot the little crab scuttling around? Check out the puzzle below:

Summer Puzzle.
Can you spot the crab hiding in this puzzle? -Credit:Betway Casino

This puzzle is pretty difficult so take your time and look at each shell individually.

If you are struggling then take the image in sections and look at each part separately.

Still struggling? Our only hint is to have a look at the bottom left hand side of the picture - this should help.

If you haven’t managed to find the hidden crab, the answer to the brainteaser can be found below:

Summer Puzzle.
Did you find him? -Credit:Betway Casino

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