Ontario Convenience Store Clerk Fights Off Robbers Armed With Shotgun

On his first night working at Corner’s Variety convenience store, in Hamilton, Ontario, employee Salahaldeen Odeh fought off two robbers armed with a shotgun.

This surveillance footage of the August 10 encounter shows two men, with bandanas over their faces, entered the store around 5 am. As one of the men reached for a gun, Odeh quickly jumped over the counter and fought off both men, who can be seen fleeing on foot.

Hamilton Police confirmed the robbers were in possession of a shotgun during the incident. They also recommended “people comply with the demands made of them” in violent situations.

“I didn’t give him a chance to take it [the gun] out because if he puts it in my face, then I can’t do anything,” Odeh, who trained as a boxer in Jordan before moving to Canada, told CBC. “The first guy was yelling, ‘Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him’ while I was punching his face. But I saw he was scared to do that.” Credit: Salahaldeen Odeh via Storyful