Ontario Passerby Works to Rescue Dog Trapped Inside Flaming House

When a concerned passerby in Lindsay, Ontario, noticed a dog in a burning house, he rushed to help rescue the pooch with another Good Samaritan on Tuesday, February 2.

Facebook Live video self-recorded by John Edward Macdonald shows the raging fire in the house and Macdonald trying to kick in the door after he gets permission from the homeowner.

Speaking to Storyful, Macdonald said he came across the blaze after he dropped his child off at day care. He smelt burning plastic and then ran three blocks to the house to find that he was the first person to arrive at the home.

Macdonald told local reporters that after the video was turned off he “smashed the window and climbed in.” Another passerby then opened the door, and with the Kawartha Lakes fire department, they were able to rescue the puppy.

He continued to say that neither the owner nor the dog were injured by the fire. Macdonald added that the “dog was rescued and it was a good day.” Credit: John Edward Macdonald via Storyful