Ooh! Mr Selfridge’s Jeremy Piven Has Joined Celeb Dating App Raya

While mere mortals like ourselves have to fend off undesirables on Tinder, dating apps are a whole different ball game for the rich and famous.


Jeremy Piven has joined the likes of Cara Delevingne and Elijah Wood on Raya - a dating app - or an exclusive platform for people in creative industries, as it calls itself.

Membership is apparently decided by how many followers the applicant has on Instagram and how influential they are on the site. Sign us up!

Jez, who has beauties such as Kelly Brook and January Jones in his back catalogue, is on the prowl for a bit of fun a source revealed to The Sun.


The source told the paper: “Jeremy has slept with some of the most beautiful women on the planet so it was a surprise to see that he needs to use a dating app.

“He is an active user and has been messaging one or two different girls on it.“The process to get membership on Raya is quite rigorous so he was obviously very keen to make sure he was accepted.

“Obviously Jeremy is like any other single guy and just wants to have some fun.”

Yep. Just like any other single guy who has dated Kelly Brook and Jan Jones. That’s not at all daunting.

Along with Jez and Elijah, other members have included Kelly Osbourne, Matthew Perry and Lily Allen.

Everett Collection/Rex/Shutterstock

To gain entry into the next level of dating apps, you must be recommended by someone who is already a member, then get judged by a committee and then assessed on how famous and influential you are.

Think we’ll be sticking with the trusted swipe right system then.