Open thread: how did Gardening Australia’s Peter Cundall inspire you?

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The beloved broadcaster spent close to five decades dispensing green-thumbed advice. After his death at 94, we want to hear how his tips have helped you. Let us know in the comments

On Sunday, Australian broadcaster and ardent gardener Peter Cundall died aged 94.

Best known for his 18 years as host of the ABC program Gardening Australia from 1990 until 2008, Cundall’s passion for plants stretched back to his childhood vegetable patch in Manchester.

After immigrating to Australia he spent close to five decades fielding gardening questions on talkback radio, from 1967 until 2018; as well as writing extensively on gardening.

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A passionate environmentalist, Cundall spent time as the chairman of the Tasmania Wilderness Society and fought against the construction of the Bell Bay pulp mill in his home state of Tasmania.

An early convert to organic gardening, he helped establish the Organic Gardening and Farming Society of Tasmania in the 1970s.

From his love of blood and bone to his sign-off “that’s your bloomin’ lot”, Cundall’s earthy approach earned him a special place in the heart of Australian gardeners.

We want to hear your memories and favourite moments from his near five-decade career. Did his suggestions help resurrect your rose bush? Did he teach you the value of mulch? Or was it his work as an activist that most resonated?

Share your fondest memories and favourite gardening tips from Peter Cundall in the comments.

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