OPINION - 2021 in cartoons: The best of Christian Adams

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 (Christian Adams)
(Christian Adams)

In some ways, 2021 was a cartoonist’s dream with all the potential for satire and comedy served up by those in charge as the nation, and the world at large, attempted to thread the needle from just coping with the pandemic to living with it to some degree. Unsurprisingly, many failed, but it’s not just the Covid crisis that features in Christian Adam’s cartoons of the year.

The year started, of course, with an almighty tantrum from a certain orange President. As summer began England reached their first major final since 1966 and failed in the traditional English manner. And the summer ended with the untimely death of a certain alpaca called Geronimo, who captured the nation’s hearts and minds - for a few weeks at least. So if you’re in need of a giggle (which is most likely yes) or just a light-hearted round up of the year in cartoons – then look no further than the above gallery.

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