OPINION: The Dumi Masilela I got to know briefly

Final goodbyes as Dumi Masilela is laid to rest

DRUM Digital Editor Molife Kumona had a chance to interview and hangout with the late Rhythm City actor and singer Dumi Masilela, he recounts the time and what Dumi taught him.

Over the past 8 years I have had the opportunity to interview quite a number of well-known people, and after each interview or shoot I am left with a sense of gladness or sigh of relief that it’s over. And anyone who does a job that involves personalities, particularly media personalities will tell you that you often have to deal with so much ego and in some cases drama.

When I approached Dumi Masilela I didn’t know what to expect, it was just after the reports came out that he and actress Simphiwe Ngema had been traditionally married. He was a young guy with a budding career, a beautiful wife (one of the most beautiful women around) and he was a looker himself so I thought after he agreed I would have to have thick skin to survive yet another young star with an ego. I got non of that when I met Dumi, instead I met a young man who I am glad to say I had a chance to listen to and learn from.

Dumi was possibly one of the most polite and well mannered young man I have yet to come across. He got to the shoot so early and waited patiently, greeted everyone at the shoot and was respectful throughout.

Before the shoot he had been posting a lot of pictures supporting the ruling party and when I asked him what that was about his answer gave me goosebumps. He said his involved is to help better the lives of the young men and women in his community. He had such passion when he said that that it made me also want to do my bit in my community. In a world where most young people are all about themselves it was refreshing to hear someone talk for more than 15 minutes of how he wants to transform his community of Tembisa and he had a plan. It wasn’t just talking.

During our chat Dumi revealed that he had recently lost his father. Although he was clearly sad what inspired me is how he didn’t dwell on his father’s death but how his father had taught him. Dumi vowed to continue applying all the lessons his father taught him. That taught me to not focus on mourning things in life but to be grateful for the experiences we have and learn from them.

One of the biggest lessons I will forever take from Dumi was in one statement he said when we spoke about love and staying focused on that love. He said; The girls just get prettier and younger as time goes on. So if you look for just the surface things you won’t fail, but it’s the real and honest connection that’s hard to find. I am grateful to God I have found mine.”

That statement has stuck with me and has made me see love and relationships differently.

So here’s to Dumi who in the short time I knew him changed my life, may your light continue to shine in all those you shined your light on and may your soul Rest In Peace.

To Simphiwe and his loved ones may God comfort and give you strength.