OPINION - The Leader podcast: Food rationing & supermarket veg crisis

 Food rationing & supermarket veg crisis (PA Wire)
Food rationing & supermarket veg crisis (PA Wire)

You’ve probably noticed supermarket fresh produce shelves looking a little sparse lately - what’s going on?

Asda, Morrisons, Aldi and Tesco have announced they’re rationing some vegetables and salad items, including tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers as crops in southern Europe and northern Africa are hit by bad weather.

Foreign raspberries are also on the list, and even domestic broccoli and cauliflower supplies are being hit, with farmers also raising concerns about spiralling energy costs and labour impacted by Brexit.

At the same time, experts say it’s time for a radical shift in our expectations of food supply, by eating more seasonal British fruit and vegetables from local greengrocers and markets, while ditching those carbon footprint-heavy strawberries in mid-winter flown in from abroad.

There’s also increasing interest in guerrilla gardening in a new wave of community free-to-eat allotments, or even growing potatoes on your balcony.

The Leader podcast’s joined by Lucy Antal, lead for food justice at environmental campaign group Feedback Global and Evening Standard business reporter Simon Hunt.

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