OPINION - The Leader podcast: Headteacher warns underfunding schools risks closures


As headteachers warn that schools across the UK are on the verge of being unsafe, it looks like a teachers strike is looming.

School leaders have said they may have to make redundancies, as they are being hit by spiralling energy prices and inflation.

A poll of London headteachers carried out by the National Association of Head Teachers found that half will have to make teachers redundant because of rising costs and government underfunding.

Schools have also had to find cash for a rise in teacher pay which has to come from their budgets.

It’s led to the union balloting for strike action, meaning schools could face disruption in the near future.

The Evening Standard’s Commissioning Editor & Feature Writer Katie Strick discusses how schools are struggling, after speaking with Richard Slade, head of Plumcroft primary school in Greenwich, who has warned further cuts could lead to school closures.

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