OPINION - The Leader Podcast: Would you listen to AI-generated music?

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Rihanna is one of most popular artists for AI covers (PA)
Rihanna is one of most popular artists for AI covers (PA)

A recent track created by artificial intelligence software went viral after its human programmer made the song like a collaboration between Canadian singers Drake and The Weeknd, dubbed Heart on My Sleeve.

Now, there been a boom in tunes created using AI programmes, including on made to sound as though Rihanna’s singing 90s dance classic The Rhythm of the Night.

This episode of The Leader podcast examines the rise of robot-made music, including new tracks and mash-ups by famous artists - but would you add these artificial songs to your party playlist?

Analysis with The Prodigy’s veteran front of house engineer Jon Burton, a senior lecturer in entertainment engineering at the University of Derby, and Evening Standard music reporter Jonathan Kanengoni.

The Leader podcast discuss whether AI-made tunes can be considered art, what it means for live music and who’ll get the royalties.

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