OPINION - The Leader podcast: Why our pubs are in danger

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Why our pubs are in danger  (Getty Images)
Why our pubs are in danger (Getty Images)

The pub. It’s as quintessentially British as a cup of tea, queuing or even the Queen. But, could that be about to change?

Pubs and brewers across the UK say they are at risk of closure within months due to price hikes upwards of 300%.

Bosses of six of the UK’s biggest pub and brewing companies have signed an open letter to the Government urging it to act in order to avoid “real and serious irreversible” damage to the sector.

This comes after years of the pandemic having a crippling effect on hospitality as a whole.

So, with the ongoing cost of living crisis and no sign of support on the horizon, can the much-loved institution of the British pub survive?

Molly Davis from the British Institute of Innkeeping explains what can be done to save them and why it's so important.

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