OPINION - Podcast: Theatre Review (David Tennant in Good & Mary at Hampstead Theatre)

 (Johan Persson)
(Johan Persson)

David Tennant in ‘Good’ at the Harold Pinter Theatre and why it’s an important watch.

Plus, does ‘Mary’ at Hampstead Theatre need a trigger warning?

The Evening Standard's chief theatre critic Nick Curtis is joined by Nancy Durrant, our culture editor, as they unpick two more interesting shows from London’s stages.

In this episode:

Part 1: ‘Good’ at the Harold Pinter Theatre

  • The very ‘good’ German man who gradually changes to Nazism

  • David Tennant’s “best friend” personality, his performance and career choices

  • Elliot Levey and Sharon Small, plus the various roles they play

  • Why the play was revived and why it still feels current two years on

  • Why it’s an important watch, rather than enjoyable

Part 2: ‘Mary’ at Hampstead Theatre

  • Does Mary need a trigger warning?

  • What is Rona Munro’s queen’s tale about?

  • The representation of Mary Stuart's terrible treatment

  • The playwright Rona Munro and Mary as the sixth part of the trilogy

  • Gangs of London’s Brian Vernel

  • Why it "utterly failed to spark", and left Nick & Nancy feeling "flat"

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