OPINION - Talking Point: Why should Eurovision come to London?

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Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine won Eurovision 2022 (AP)
Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine won Eurovision 2022 (AP)

Two months ago, Kalush Orchestra pipped the United Kingdom’s Sam Ryder to win Eurovision 2022 for Ukraine. Normally, the winning country hosts the following year’s event, but for obvious reasons that’s sadly deemed unfeasible for Ukraine.

The BBC is now accepting official bids for a host city to stage the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2023. Standard criteria includes an arena with capacity for at least 10,000 spectators as well as a press centre, and with easy access to an international airport and sufficient hotels.

Various cities around the UK have been putting forward their credentials, from their musical heritage to their facilities. However, on either point, can anywhere truly compete with London?

It may seem like London is usually the default choice for big events and this is an opportunity to offer some novelty for another city.

However, it shouldn’t be forgotten, this is still Ukraine’s year as Eurovision winners. As well presenting a spectacular contest, the event has to represent the reigning champions and celebrate its culture. The chosen host must be able to do all of those things.

Sam Ryder put it best: “It’s Ukraine’s party, we’re just inviting them to throw it at our house.”

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