OPINION - Tech & Science Daily: G2 ESports CEO on Hel the all-female team

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 (Carlos Rodriguez | Twitter)
(Carlos Rodriguez | Twitter)

Esports giant G2 has announced its first-ever all-female League of Legends team.

CEO of G2 Carlos Rodriguez told Tech & Science Daily this team - called G2 Hel - are one of the top female teams in the world.

Carlos explains that the key aims of G2 are to entertain and ultimately win games, but said it’s the people within the company that really make it successful.

Fancy a call to the moon? Well, with all the excitement surrounding Nasa’s Artemis 1, Tech & Science Daily have been speaking to the company responsible for some of the video-connectivity for the spacecraft.

Jono Luk who’s heavily involved with the tech called Webex by Cisco, explains how they’ll provide high-quality video connectivity between Nasa spacecraft and earth - and other planets in our solar system.

It’s finally coming. After years of us all requesting it, an edit button is being trialled on Twitter.

The social media giant’s giving it a go with premium Twitter Blue users first. Users will get the chance to edit their tweets "a few times" in a half-an-hour window immediately after they are published.

The Jurassic World exhibition is currently set up at London’s Excel centre, offering the chance to see some of the key dinosaurs from the films.

Michael Orsino is the Senior Vice President for Production at CityNeon, the company behind the exhibit. He told us that they used everything from puppets to animatronics to bring the dinosaurs to life.

How Australia’s wildfires expanded Earth’s ozone hole and cranked up global heat, the James Webb Space Telescope has taken its first image of a planet outside solar system, Panasonic accelerates investment in air-to-water heat pump production, and Lenovo’s Glasses T1 lets you bring a private big screen display with you.

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