OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: Rare meteorite unlocks solar system secrets

  (Trustees of the Natural History Museum )
(Trustees of the Natural History Museum )

A Planetary Scientist from the Natural History Museum has told Tech & Science Daily new data suggests a meteorite sample at the museum may be from the very beginnings of our solar system.

Professor Sara Russell said their CI meteorite sample has a similar composition as samples taken from a super-rare asteroid called the Ryugu, originating from the outskirts of the solar system.

Sara said both contain elements that have been ‘in a deep freeze’ since the beginning of the solar system.

Instagram has launched some new safety features, in response to racist abuse aimed at high profile figures, including Brentford footballer Ivan Toney.

The features include the ability to block multiple accounts owned by the same person, a notification nudging people to be respectful before commenting on a post, and an expansion of the Hidden Words tool for users with Creator accounts.

Amazon could face a lawsuit worth £900million which claims that the company favours its own products in the "buy box" feature on its website.

Consumer Rights advocate Julie Hunters is bringing the case and her lawyers said it centres on "a secretive and self-favouring algorithm" used by the tech giant to promote its own products through the "buy box" feature.

In a statement, an Amazon spokesperson said "This claim is without merit and we're confident that will become clear through the legal process”.

Did Taylor Swift’s new album 'Midnights' crash Spotify as it was released this morning? Gaming: Konami has announced that three more titles for Silent Hill are in the works, a study suggests a massive marine conservation area off the coast of Hawaii has led to the recovery of tuna and fish species around its borders. Plus, can you smile your way to happiness? Valve to update pricing suggestions more regularly, and how to view the Orionid meteor shower.

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