OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: Drones ‘blow up’ Russian spy plane in Belarus


Anti-government activists in Belarus claim their bomb-equipped drones damaged a high-tech Russian military surveillance aircraft in an airfield sabotage attack near the capital Minsk.

Neither Russia nor Belarus has confirmed the incident or damage to the spy plane, a Beriev A-50 reportedly worth around £274 million.

Responsibility has been claimed by Bypol, whose members include of former security officers resisting the Lukashenko regime, who say the plane’s radar antenna and avionics systems, along with its front and middle sections, were hit on Sunday.

The vast scale of the threat posed to companies and consumers by cyberattacks and ransomware is revealed in a security report.

Britons suffered with more than six million such incidents attacks last year, that’s according to research by SonicWall - Evening Standard tech reporter Simon Hunt has the latest.

China has revealed its lunar lander spacecraft concept as plans hot up for two taikonauts to touch down by 2030.

The latest model was shown off to celebrate three decades of Chinese human space exploration in a display at Beijing’s National Museum of China.

Plus, sun’s ‘heartbeat’, Canada government TikTok ban, IRL Fortnite police unit, traffic lights for driverless EVs, middle-age health tips to beat dementia, AI’s cocktail nightmare.

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