OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: Elon carries SINK into Twitter HQ

 (Elon Musk Twitter)
(Elon Musk Twitter)

Elon Musk is obviously stoking rumours he’s sealed the deal to buy Twitter after sharing a bizarre video of himself carrying a sink into its San Francisco headquarters.

Now, the company’s shares are due to be suspended from trading on Friday as the billionaire counts down to the deadline to close the $44 billion deal for the social media platform.

Nasa has identified more than 50 what it calls ‘super-emitter’ regions worldwide that are pumping out unprecedented levels of methane.

It’s what you might call real mobile broadband, with antennae costing over £2,000 that Starlink reckons can be attached to any moving object on land.

Bitcoin has been an unexpected beneficiary of sterling’s turmoil in the City’s foreign exchange market caused by the September mini-Budget.

The US government has declared the Emperor penguin an endangered species from the risk to the majestic big birds caused by the climate crisis.

Investors are putting pressure on Meta, that’s the parent of Facebook, to spend less time and money on the metaverse virtual world they say is causing “terrifying losses”.

Taikonauts aboard China’s Tiangong space station are using a fluid loop system inspired by the human body’s blood vessels to keep temperatures even, which works by circulating liquid through its pipes 250 miles above earth.

Plus, a TikToker whose niche on the video-based social network is playing dead, has landed himself the real role of a lifetime - as a cadaver on CSI: Vegas.

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