OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: Is Twitter going behind a paywall?

Is Twitter going behind a paywall? (PA Wire)
Is Twitter going behind a paywall? (PA Wire)

Twitter is so far staying silent over reports that Elon Musk is discussing putting all of the platform behind a paywall.

The billionaire is supposedly considering allowing every user a set amount of time on the site each month, and then having to pay for anything extra.

It comes as the company says it’s actually gained users since Musk took over as Chief Executive.

Archaeologists think they may have found Cleopatra’s tomb after they unearthed a tunnel 43 feet below an ancient temple.

If it is then it would be 'the most important discovery of the 21st century'.

A study finds that if you want to fill the dancefloor then it’s all about that (very low) bass.

Participants wore motion-sensing headbands to monitor their dance moves during an almost hour-long concert by electronic music duo Orphx.

And the rest

A new drug is offering a lifeline to women with a rare aggressive form of breast cancer, Gears of War is finally being made into a film and a kitten found with no sex organs confounds an animal charity.

Plus, there’s an ‘exciting’ development in tackling untreatable high blood pressure, notorious Instagram influencer ‘Hushpuppi’ is jailed for 11 years and why we’ve all got air-fryer fever.

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