OPINION - Tech & Science Daily podcast: Space telescope reveals secrets of how stars formed

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The European Space Agency believe new images of a specific region in space, could give insight into how stars - and even planets - were formed billions of years ago.

Chris Evans, the ESA Project Scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope told Tech & Science Daily they’re using new high-detail pictures taken by the JWST to examine a region in space called NGC 346, which has conditions similar to that of the period of time known as ‘cosmic noon’.

Researchers from the University of Leeds have found that the physical sensation when we eat chocolate contributes as to why we love it so much.

The smooth fat when first on the tongue, followed by the release of cocoa helps make the texture so appealing.

A study has found that dolphins ‘shout’ over loud underwater noise in order to work together.

The research was conducted with ones living in human care, but studies suggest human-generated noise could also have detrimental effects in the wild.

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